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Obligatory post to start the new year! And I say it’s looking pretty darn good. I’m working as a developer, involved in Android projects, and damn, I am typing this entire post using one hand on a Nexus 7! The swype- like Jelly Bean keyboard is just amazing.

Anyway, 2012 was a crazy year and I hope I revisit some stuff I missed on blogging. Particularly the awesome stuff like the Sword Art Online novels, visual novel releases that I can’t play due to my pressuring schedule and all the awesome ending anime themes. And a bunch of other awesome stuff that isn’t anime too, like Android, Borderlands 2 and DotA2

Here’s an awesome year to all of us.

P.S and that is my second post on a tablet using gesture typing alone. The gesture trails Google added is really what sold me here, even though I already use Swype and loved it. Oh and the fact that the installer wasn’t a freaking mess to get your hands on.

Long and informative blog posts are the best. I still believe that. However It turns out that speaking out your thoughts at the moment is the best way to blog. And usually this kind of thing only lasts the same way: only in a moment when you think about it, and it only lingers shortly.

Looking back at some of my old posts, I really enjoyed writing a handful of guides and articles. Now I’m not saying that I won’t write lengthy stuff like these, but really long articles mostly end up being written halfway and they never get published. Even worse, they get shelved for so long that they become irrelevant as things change for the better. I recall writing a guide on playing anime on the PlayStation 3 and it never got published because of the meticulous detail I was aiming for it and then the process became close to self-explanatory. How sad.

Anyway, I’m going to make short ramblings instead since I recently discovered that I love putting my thoughts into short notes just to reaffirm them soon enough.

There are many file-hosting sites out there. Rapidshare, MegaUpload, Mediafire, Bitshare and the like. Then, there’s Fileserve.

My experience with Fileserve has been both good and bad (mostly bad.), and here’s why.

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Spree is an e-Commerce platform. Heroku is a cloud platform that hosts Ruby applications. Combine them both, and you get Spree on Heroku, an e-Commerce solution hosted in the cloud.
This screencast demonstrates how to put Spree v0.11 on Heroku.

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Tons of sites out there have their own top tens and twenty apps that you could use on your iOS device. The sad thing is that most of them are either outdated, or simply won’t work because of the transitions from iOS 1-4 or the fact that Apple keeps churning out new devices like the iPhone 4 and the iPad…

So, I thought that it might be helpful to contribute my own, while mentioning the useful stuff that you can actually use.

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It’s been ages since I’ve written in this blog. Things certainly have changed, and my mindset is no exception. I’ve changed from a happy-go-lucky anime and visual novel fan to a little-bit-serious decent developer who still loves anime and visual novels. Still a fan too.

I hate deleting stuff though so I’m keeping my older posts. Don’t expect much replies on the comments though.

Oh ratings.

I rarely give 5 stars whenever I get to rate something. I usually give a 2 whenever I find it something noteworthy, 3 if it’s something better than that and 4 if it’s something I really love.

But for me, the perfect 5 mark is really reserved for what I consider to be perfect. Something that never gets old no matter how much I keep on repeating it and with the backing of slight fanboyism (lol).


Well, anyway, here’s a list of my favorites, things that I’d rate with a full 5/5.

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I was bored at one point and for some amazing unknown reason I was able to make this:


Basically, it’s a program that hides in the system tray that automatically takes a screenshot of your PC (think: Print Screen) every few minutes or as much as you wish.

Comes with an auto-dispose feature as well; So that your folder won’t get cluttered with so many pictures.

This is useful if you want to keep track of the things that you’ve done, or if you’re using the computer remotely (it should give you an idea of its previous states before you got connected.)

snapshot_27-2-2010 18h-0m-11s

Heck, it even took a snap while I was writing this. lol.

that is, in gaming. Thanks to the longer weekend because of the EDSA revolution, I was able to –finally- finish all these games, save but one.

I’ve finished Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2. Funnily, the oldest among the three (Dragon Age) still remains unfinished. I guess I’ll just wait for the expansion to show up so I get to finish it fresh.

Anyway, now that it’s Tuesday, it’s back to the same ol’ life. yay.

Oh and I should write something informational next time just like I used to.

It’s frustrating when it happens. It may be my first time but it’s true that when it happens, it truly is traumatizing and depressing.

It’s even more depressing if it’s a newly-bought laptop, your first one that can –actually- play games, runs Linux builds without driver issues (that’s just me, but this was the easiest.) and was as fast as my desktop.


I got it January 29; starting off with a memorable task of being useful in an emergency session in a seminar. It got stolen just this Tuesday, February 16, when I neglected to look after it as we had fun popping zombie heads in COD:WaW’s Nazi Zombie mode.


It’s so bad that it’s even making my writing style feel much more horrible than it used to.


It was a fun time getting to use it, but I guess this is why we can’t have nice things. But screw all this; Life goes on and I can live without it and outdo my old self even so.


P.S. Awwww what an emo post. At least, that’s what I think.


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