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HAHA. no. I may be lazy but I will at least see things like this.


-> Decent age.

-> Philippines. (yep, Filipino.)

-> College.

-> Anime fan (three characters, /a/. That should be enough to tell how much I know anime. But no lolis and I’ll keep myself clean.)

(Started being one since late 2005)

-> Programming. (C, Java, C++ and a bit of the good ol’ Assembly. more should come.). Second motivation in life. Without it, I wouldn’t know much of anime (don’t ask. It’s a long story as to how the two would relate)

-> Gamer. Main motivation of my life. Without it, I wouldn’t be programming nor would I exert effort in doing so. Also it keeps me from getting bored and losing hope. BAWWWWW. As for what, I’m a PC gamer. Sure I like consoles but I don’t own the new ones so, nope.

(arrived in the scene when Warcraft I became popular.)


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